Our Story


CASA LEFAY is run by a couple of Colombian dreamers who reside in Aotearoa or New Zealand. It is above all a project about our time on Earth, the way we walk and the mark we want to leave.

Maria is the face with which everyone is surely most familiar, as she is the creative soul of this duo and the creator of the Lefay universe.

A little about its history:

Maria studied Literature at the Univerdidad Javeriana , while she was doing her master's degree in Art Criticism and Diffusion at IUNA, she attended Monica Weiss's illustration workshop and there she discovered that her path was definitely to follow her creative spirit and decided to make her life your own artwork. Casa Lefay is the result of his desire to connect people with the Earth through art.


Nicolas is the less visible but no less important face behind Casa Lefay, who pulls the commercial strings and imprints the ecowarrior spirit on each piece that reaches your hands.

A little about its history:

Nicolas is a chemical engineer from the Univeridad Nacional Colombia and has dedicated his career to decontaminating the Earth. His work as an environmental consultant has led him to have a nomadic life that allows Casa Lefay to take you on a trip and live in a state of adventure. After facing the difficult task of remediating contaminated sites, he realized that we can all contribute our grain of sand and decided that Casa Lefay was the way to help others lead a sustainable life.