Would you help me rebuild our world?

How to change the course of our planet and contribute to a sustainable world. In this post I share with you the Casa Lefay manifesto and invite you to rebuild the way we relate to the Earth. We have a role as guardians of nature and by following these principles we can start to make an impact.


We are here together, maybe not all of us will cross paths, but we live in the same time. The planet sustains us regardless of the borders and laws we have created to divide us. Nature continues to feed us, giving us air to breathe and water to drink. We all, in one way or another, know that the current configuration of the world as it is, is not working. Many times we feel small and powerless in the face of great injustices, disasters and wars that without realizing it, we end up endorsing.

However, I want to think that if we are here and we have a hunch that a different world is possible, there is no reason why we should not start today to rebuild our world.

That is why I want to share with you the Casa Lefay manifesto, with the hope that you will be inspired and encouraged to help me.




We move with the same rhythm that the sun moves when it hides behind the ocean. We go slowly, we don't mass produce, we navigate quietly weaving stories. We know that the most significant things require dedication and time.


Fair Trade


We believe that we are all brothers, we deserve respect, consideration and equality. All our creations are based on fair trade. Considering that we all deserve recognition for the work we do, we don´t support any type of slave labor, we advocate for the dignity and freedom of all living beings.




.We are part of the great balance of the universe. All the actions we take affect others and ourselves. So everything we do, and all the impact we cause must not disturb the natural order of the Earth. Every small gesture that we should be able to replicate one and more times minimizing the impact. We know that it is a long road, in which there is no point in demonizing or pointing fingers at us, we are all trying, nothing is perfect, but we are moving forward.


Eco Friendly


We are one with Creation. We have a duty to be friends with each of the plants, animals, water and rocks belonging to our planet. The air we breathe is a breath of life, it is our mission to protect and safeguard it for ourselves and for our future generations. We must minimize the impact we have on Earth during the creation of any of our products.




Last but not least, everything we do must be done with love. Love should always be the guide of our life, our greatest inspiration and our greatest desire. All our creations must be carriers of love, otherwise they will be empty and worthless creations.

What are you saying? Do you dare to rebuild the world with me?

If the answer is YES send me a little message here

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