Synchronize the creative process with the phases of the Moon

Our creative processes can be much more fruitful if we connect them with the energy available in the phases of the moon. Here I tell you how I use what I learned in the book The Red Moon, by Miranda Gray about the feminine ancestral power and how we can use it to create our own artwork.

Some time ago I put aside this blog to browse other formats and explore other facets of my life, I opened and closed cycles until I came back to the phrase that inspired the name of this blog. I named it Wanderlust because of the phrase "Not all those who wander are lost" 

Finding that verse again after many trips that brought me to live in New Zealand was very significant for me, because it comes from a letter that Gandalf writes to Frodo quoting a poem.

If I have something clear in my life experience, it is that we receive messages all the time and for me I was thinking about writing again, transforming what I had been doing a little, resuming what I stopped doing... the phrase came synchronously like a ring to the finger, because they will know that being here, the lord of the rings is a recurring pleasure.

It was as if the blog put signs on the streets, in libraries, at the bus stop... saying come back!

We all go through those moments in life, regardless of whether we are artists or not, we all have creative processes, because we are constantly building our reality, transforming life according to circumstances. And we all also have that message hanging around that tells us where to go, that external reflection that wants to connect with our intuition so that we continue on our way.

But how to learn to read that message? how to complete creative cycles without leaving halfway, without opening a thousand branches that we don't know how to close later? how to go from side to side without feeling lost?

I thought then that if it is natural for human beings to have creative cycles, it is because in nature they also exist and indeed they do, animals, plants, the sea, rivers... everything has its rhythm, everything is infinitely connected. . At that point it was inevitable to think about how my body also has its cycle and I remembered the first book that I am going to recommend here: Red Moon, in that book Miranda Gray talks about the cycles of the moon and the energy that each lunar phase brings to the women's menstrual cycle.

Our menstrual cycle has everything to do with the creative process, as it is nothing more and nothing less than the cycle that gives rise to life. It doesn't matter if we are men or women, the cycle we come from is the same. In the same way, it does not matter if we are men or women, the energy of each phase of the moon has a power over each being that inhabits the earth.

If the sea obeys this energy, the plants obey this energy, why don't we also connect to it?

Connecting our creative process to the phases of the moon can enhance the way we go through them, making sure that even if we feel wandering we are not lost. The abundance of the universe is there, the gifts of the moon are there, knowing we are part of the Earth and taking what is given to us is just a matter of having the will to do so.

Now how to synchronize our creative cycle with the moon?

Trying to use the available energy to power each phase of the process.

The new Moon corresponds to the archetype of the witch, it is the moment in which the creative process can find its deepest purpose and establish what stays and what goes away, it is a time of stillness, where it is convenient to find ourselves, go inwards, the energy of the moon sustains us and it is a time to find inner balance. On this moon it is important to give ourselves that time for introspection, not letting the fast pace outside force us to walk faster than we need and the desire to have everything makes us speed up the creative process.

The crescent moon corresponds to the archetype of the maiden, the energy begins to be dynamic, we are at a peak of creativity and after the recollection of the new moon renewal comes and we are clear about what we want to create and we want to start socializing it, it is a concentration phase to focus on work. At this stage it is important to let creativity flow and let the peak pass naturally, it is a cycle, living each stage is necessary, nothing lasts forever.

The Full Moon corresponds to the archetype of the mother, hence the available energy is supportive, it is the moment to assume responsibilities, feed our project, nurture it as a mother does with her children, it is also the moment to share it from love, we are in a phase of fullness available to help others and move our own energy outwards. In this phase it is important to know how to keep the focus on our creative process and not let our intention to help others end up taking us down another path.

Waning Moon corresponds to the archetype of the Enchantress , the energy goes inward again because the moon begins to hide, the energy changes and it is time to explore new tools, go through our shadows to create from them. Every creative process is transformative and this is the time for us to live the transformation, give ourselves to think of new goals and prepare ourselves to be witches again.


This is my interpretation of the map of archetypes and lunar energy that Miranda Gray proposes in her book, I believe that art has that power to make things stay with us, it transforms us, and of course it reconnects us to the Earth, to its cycles that are our cycles. If you would like to have a copy write me here and I will send it to you in a nice quality so you can print it.

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