Eco-friendly Journals for fungi lovers

Eco-friendly Journals for fungi lovers

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This is a bundle of 4 eco-friendly notebooks.

1 x Amanita Eco Notebook (light blue, blank sheets)
1 x Oyster Eco Notebook (green, blank sheets)
1 x Veil Eco Notebook (aquamarine blue, blank sheets)
1 x Psilocybe Eco Notebook (light purple, blank sheets)


- 40 blank sheets of 80 gsm made from 100% sugarcane 

A4 Size (14.8 x 21 x 2cm)

- Softcover  

Light and compact, these notebooks are the perfect companions for your everyday adventure. Whether you're embarking on a journey, heading to work or school, going on a road trip, or enjoying coffee dates, they're designed to be the best fit.

Their blank pages offer endless possibilities for your creativity, waiting to be filled with your ideas and inspirations. Take it wherever you go, let your imagination run wild, sketch beautiful landscapes, pen down inspiring stories, or create imaginative illustrations. The choice is yours!!

By buying our sustainable stationery you support:

- Reducing tree cutting.
- Responsible consumption and local trade
- Circular economy;